The Genesis Center

A Catalyst for Excellence in Research and Data Analytics
A collaboration among area schools, colleges, businesses and community volunteers

Our Mission:
• To use adaptive leadership to enhance collaborative efforts between the Genesis Group, area colleges, school districts, businesses and community volunteers.

• To promote and develop pipelines between area schools and colleges with area businesses and industries that will provide Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis coursework, training, internships and degree programs and other opportunities that allow our Region to be a leader in this field.

• To offer research opportunities for Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis projects and program developments, while also acting as a catalyst in this pathway to our future.

The Genesis Group, looks forward to working with our partners and The New Genesis Center.  

Together, we can be the catalyst for conducting research in the fore-mentioned industries and organizations so that we can:
• Inform our community about the pivotal role of Data Analytics in our daily lives now and into our future.
• Increase the amount of jobs in the field of Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis.
• Increase the number of students interested in studying Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis at area schools and colleges.
• Conduct research projects with local businesses using data analytics to identify their needs and to work collaboratively to meet them.

The Genesis Group of the Mohawk Valley is excited to introduce the Genesis Center. This adaptive leadership initiative uses collaborative engagement to seek those innovative and creative ideas and initiatives that will move our region forward.

The Leadership Team

Jason McCarthy
Associate Professor / Scientific Operations Manager

Jacob (Jake) Childress
Head of Payments, Clearing and Settlement Central Utility

Genesis Center Committees

Education: Christopher Hill, Chair
Agribusiness: Richard Presky, Chair
Online Banking: Christopher Dovi, Chair
Insurance: Shawn Kain, Chair
Public Safety: Rob Swenszkowski, Chair

The Genesis Group is a civic organization that unites Business and Community Leaders working to
advance regional economic, social and cultural interests, and to foster unity and cooperation
in the Mohawk Valley region.
With a population of more than 300,000 residents, and several billion dollar industries,
the Mohawk Valley Region is a great place for recreation, to work and live!