​The Story of Genesis

​From left, Raymond Durso, Jr., Genesis Group executive director; author Sandra Fentiman, and Christine Ossont, Genesis assistant vice president, with the newly published account.

The Genesis Group released a written history of the civic organization at a recent meeting at Hart’s Hill Inn in Whitesboro, New York. In 2017, Genesis celebrated its 17th year working to advance regional economic, social and cultural interests in the Mohawk Valley region.

Presenting the history titled the Story of Genesis, Executive Director Raymond Durso, Jr. thanked Sandra Fentiman, who conducted interviews and edited material to compile the organization’s history.

Fentiman is owner of As You Tell It, which provides services writing memoirs and histories, as well as poetic tributes, eulogies and obituaries. Fentiman is also manager of Community Outreach for the Mohawk Valley Health System.

“We are grateful to Sandra for describing the numerous activities and accomplishments of Genesis and its members during the past two decades so well,” Durso said. “We are proud to have this written history that explains our vision for our community.”

The Genesis Group is a civic organization that unites Business and Community Leaders working to
advance regional economic, social and cultural interests, and to foster unity and cooperation
in the Mohawk Valley region.
With a population of more than 300,000 residents, and several billion dollar industries,
the Mohawk Valley Region is a great place for recreation, to work and live!