About The Genesis Group 

The Genesis Group is a civic organization that unites Business and Community Leaders working to advance regional Economic, Social and Cultural interests, and to foster unity and cooperation in the Mohawk Valley region of Upstate New York.

The Genesis Group was founded in January 2000 by local Real Estate Broker & Developer Joseph R. Carucci. Carucci and other prominent business leaders in the area felt that there was a need for an "umbrella organization" that could bring individuals and organizations together to focus on the needs of the region. Fast forward to 2020 and....

"Genesis Group Volunteers are Taking Action, Achieving Results and Making a Difference!"

Genesis Group Board of Trustees & President/CEO

Gene F. Quadraro
Board Chairperson

Carol Manuele
Vice Chairperson

Christine S. Ossont
Assistant Vice Chairperson

Rebecca Ruffing

Vincent J. Coyne

Wesley Cupp

Keith A. Fenstemacher

Gary R. Ford

Roxanne K. Mutchler

Richard Presky

Frank E. Przybycien

Raymond J. Durso, Jr.

Alice J. Savino

Dr. Renee Scialdo-Shevat

Pamela Way

The Genesis Group is a civic organization that unites Business and Community Leaders working to
advance regional economic, social and cultural interests, and to foster unity and cooperation
in the Mohawk Valley region.
With a population of more than 300,000 residents, and several billion dollar industries,
the Mohawk Valley Region is a great place for recreation, to work and live!

The Genesis Group Founder, Mr. Joseph R. Carucci

Joseph R. Carucci, a Developer and Real Estate Broker for more than 40 years, passed away on March 15, 2010 at the age of 69. Carucci was a longtime community leader and was the Founder and President of The Genesis Group. He grew a highly respected office, Prudential Carucci Real Estate. He created buildings, he renovated buildings and bought and sold buildings, always striving to improve the quality of life for others.
   He was a Leader in his community that he loved so very much. He was involved with many organizations and community projects. He founded a group called The Genesis Group, because he believed in the importance of regional unity and cooperation.

Joe was a past Chairman of, and very involved in, the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce, because he realized the importance of relationships while being in business.

Joe was a devoted fan of the New York Yankees, and in particular, had a high regard for Mickey Mantle. It's no secret that Joe's favorite number was #7 - all you had to do was look at his license plate, "7MICK7."

   One of Joe's proudest moments in life, outside of family events, was when he introduced baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra at a Utica Blue Sox game at Murnane Field. Joe was so excited that when he walked off of the pitchers mound he said to himself, "Oh my God, I just introduced Yogi Berra"!

   Joe had the pleasure of having many, many friendships. He enjoyed conversing with people regardless of their age, ethnic background, religious affiliation or social/economic status - he simply was a people person!

   Joe was much more than a man involved in his community. He was a devoted husband. He and his wife Janet shared 44 wonderful years together.

   As his daughters Christine and Michelle said, "He was an incredible Dad," always there for his children. Michelle and her husband Bill, and Christine and her husband John, gave Joe his 3 greatest gifts in his life, William, Joseph and Jacob.

   His love for his grandsons was like medicine for his heart. Whenever he was with them, there was nothing else as important as their time and attention.

   Joe Carucci was a man who lived his life for "others." He helped so many people because in his words, "It made him feel good to know that he helped someone in need."

   Joe was a Strong man, and that strength was seen in many different ways: 

  • As a Sergeant in the United States Army - Joe was the guy you wanted in your fox hole - he feared nothing and no one!
  • As a young man, Joe stepped in the ring with boxer Carmen Basilio and put up such a great effort that he coined the phrase, "One More Round." It became his motto, for "Never giving up."
  • As a successful businessman, he was determined to make good things happen for buyer and seller and to create a win-win situation for all!

Joe's strength was very visible throughout his illness. He fought against many challenges for many years - one by one - because of his love for life, the needs of his family and because there was still more work to do in his community.

"It made him feel good to know that he helped someone in need."

   Joe had more than just 9 lives, he had "heart power." "Yes, Joe Carucci Heart Power." How else would he have survived all of the challenges that came his way? He was told numerous times by physicians that he would never overcome various health challenges. But, he did - because he was a fighter and always gave it his all.
   Joe was the only person I know who had heart angioplasty performed on a Tuesday and 4 days later went deer hunting.

   Right up until his passing, Joe's mind was kept busy taking care of business details, making sure that Janet and the kids were okay, and telling Chris Ossont to stop spending so much time on Genesis and get out there and sell some houses!

   We will always be able to laugh while remembering Joe's famous lines.... when calling in to his office and asking Melissa Clark- "Missy, who's looking for me", or after making an expensive purchase asking Ed Jekel, "Eddie, why did you let me spend so much money?", or in my case, for the past 10 years, calling me everyday and asking me "what's new and exciting and was there anything earthshaking"!

   Now that Joe has returned home, his legacy will always continue to be alive to help others. Joe is in peace and has comfort.

We are thankful for Joe's strength, his kindness, his caring for others.

Joe Carucci, you were a blessed man. WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!